Time to have Dinnr

Dinnr filled with test events from our presentation at Makers Academy.

I’m in my last of 12 weeks Makers Academy. It’s hard to believe and at the same time I’m okay with it. Maybe I’m spoiled by our smooth and rewarding final project but I feel ready for the market. I want to build apps that are actually used. But before I tell you about my plans… Time to have Dinnr weiterlesen

The Kindergarten-state-of-mind

My Colleague Tom in one of our last talks. You really have to bring a fresh and positive mind if you want to grasp what's going on here.

„Don’t worry about feeling stupid.“ They keep telling you this at Makers Academy. „You will get used to not knowing how things work,“ is another piece of advice I have heard several times. But I do worry that I’m too stupid to get my head around this. I thought I knew how to make my… The Kindergarten-state-of-mind weiterlesen

RSpec: How to stub a random variable (make the weather as you need it to be)

Will it rain, or not? How to stub a method in Spec tests.

In our last challenge there was an airport that gave or declined landing permission for planes based on the weather. There was no real weather forecast, I just generated a random weather: def generate_weather [:sunny, :sunny, :sunny, :stormy].shuffle.first end The Ruby-method .shuffle randomly mixes the values within the array and .first than takes the first value… RSpec: How to stub a random variable (make the weather as you need it to be) weiterlesen

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TDD – My first major obstacle

For someone like me, new to development, it sounds really strange to write a test before having a function or product ready. But anybody at Makers Academy is a 100% convinced that the so called technique of “Test Driven Development” (TDD) is absolutely essential for writing good, maintainable code. What it is and how it… TDD – My first major obstacle weiterlesen