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ZEIT ONLINE has been relaunched

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ZEIT ONLINE (ZON) has been relaunched a week ago. Over at you will find a beautiful news site – no matter if you are browsing on your phone, tablet or desktop. A responsive news site relying on ad revenue is technically interesting. But there are journalistic innovations as well, that I have been longing for for years. During my internship in ZON’s Research&Development team, I have had the opportunity to help relaunching the page. […]

Time to have Dinnr


I’m in my last of 12 weeks Makers Academy. It’s hard to believe and at the same time I’m okay with it. Maybe I’m spoiled by our smooth and rewarding final project but I feel ready for the market. I want to build apps that are actually used. But before I tell you about my plans (in another post) I will tell you about „Dinnr„. The idea was pitched to us by my friend Patrick Abele. […]

Ready for the finals


Today I’m going to start my final project at Makers Academy. Kate Beavis, Chris Ward and Sean Haughton and I will build a social network for people who like to cook together. My friend Patrick Abele came up with the idea some time ago and responded to my call for pitches two weeks ago. There have been several great ideas pitched to me. Kersten Riechers and Tobias Reitz remembered me of their idea „Corrigo“ – a browser plugin that […]

Clandestine chat, personal calendar and spotify-magic


I am a senior now. I guess the next six weeks will be the only time within the upcoming years in which I will be considered to be a senior web developer. But it’s true. The „old“ seniors have finished their course, a funny bunch of new juniors has just finished the Marshmallow-Spaghetti-Challenge and my February-cohort has moved over to the project desks. In order to give you an idea what I will be programming […]

Week5: JavaScript and APIs


A bit more than five weeks ago I tried to read a programming book. It was recommended as one of the best books to learn Ruby with. I had a feeling that „The Well Grounded Rubyist“ was a really good book. But I didn’t understand it. The author David A. Black writes about hashes, arrays, variables and things called methods that are called on objects. It wasn’t a very pleasant read. This week I have started to […]

Welcome to Chitter


True. It’s not the most user-friendly web app ever made. And it’s not particularly beautiful either, but I am very happy to present you… the new Twitter: „Chitter“. Chitter was last weekend’s challenge. You can read messages in a public stream, you can sign up to write messages yourself. That’s what we call the Skateboard at Makers. The „Minimal Viable Product“ (MVP). A Twitter-clone should at least offer those features. Right now I am very tempted […]

An entrepreneur enabling startup: The story of Makers Academy


There is more to a startup than a brick-walled office space, bean bags and a ping pong table. A startup needs a product and a story.  Last week Evgeny Shadchev, CEO and co-founder of Makers Academy, told us how much pain it was, to find the beautiful office in which I’ve been learning how to code for three weeks now. Little more than two years ago, on February 18th in 2013 the first cohort started . Evgeny’s […]

Syntactic sugar, cold rooms – I’m getting used to it (week 1/12)


My first week at Makers is over. And if I keep learning new things at that pace I might actually be a Maker in the end. We have started with Test-driven development and the attempt to program a bike rental service. Yesterday I was sitting in a cafe in Kentish Town writing code for this weekend’s challenge. It’s similar to „Boris Bikes“ but now I have to manage airplane traffic around an airport. It’s so much fun […]

Why we came…


„You have paid a whole lot of money, firstly to learn how to learn, and secondly, to learn how to code“ – Ruben Kostucki (@rubenkostucki), placement officer at Makers Academy. After his and some other introducing talks, we started with what I came for: coding. I am sure that learning how to code will be hard. Hopefully the learning skills, Ruben was talking about, will make that doable.